The Montessori Schoolhouse was founded in 1989 by a group of parents who wanted the best possible education for their preschoolers and for their children to learn in a loving, relaxed, and nurturing environment. The Montessori teaching methods seemed the best choice to achieve that goal.

We are a non-profit Montessori school with a volunteer board of directors with the sole purpose of providing a developmentally appropriate toddler and preschool education as well as a complementary daycare program. We are also a licensed child-care provider with the state of New Hampshire’s Department of Health and Human Services.
Mission Statement
The Montessori Schoolhouse’s mission is to provide a safe, nurturing, and peaceful environment for children of all abilities and backgrounds. The School works in partnership with parents to encourage the growth of developmental skills, curiosity and the exploration of the potential of each child. Promoting the principles and methodology of Maria Montessori, the Schoolhouse aims to create a place in which children are able to discover the joy and beauty of learning.
Dr. Maria Montessori
Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) was Italy’s first woman medical doctor. Using her scientific background, she began observing children in the children’s houses of Rome, and her particular genius was in observing the children as they really are, rather than how adults wish them to be. Her writings suggest many advantageous conditions for the natural development of the whole child from birth through maturity, and she developed unique materials, a child-centered environment, and was one of the first persons to revolutionize educational thought by stressing respect for the child, freedom of expression, self-education, and training through use of movement and the senses. 

Dr. Montessori also strived to create a more peaceful world and instill a sense of respect and responsibility in the children for their own environment and the world at large. Her approach was, and legacy is, one that is spiritual without being specific to any one religion, that encourages kindness, compassion, love, peacefulness, acceptance of others, caring for our earth, and respects nature and all it’s creatures.

There are many published books and web sights that can provide additional information about Dr. Maria Montessori. We also have a collection in the school office, and current parents are welcome to borrow copies.

Montessori Method
The main purpose of the Montessori teaching method is to develop an environment where the child can unfold spontaneously, developing a love of life and learning that expands continuously and remains with them wherever they may go. 

After small presentations of the materials, this “work” is placed around the classroom and they work independently with the materials. The classrooms contain child-sized furniture, and everything is placed at their level. 
Parent Obligations
Upon a student's enrollment, the Parent becomes a “trustee” of the school with important obligations to support the school by attending board meetings, the annual meeting, participating on committees, assisting in the classrooms or office, and with other events when volunteers are requested, as well as paying all fees due in a timely manner. The more parents are involved in the schools overall functions and well-being, the more the children benefit. 

Parental support helps us maintain a quality program as well as help keep some of our overhead costs down, thereby tuition rates as well. We are an “inclusive” school and work to provide a diverse student body reflective of the real world and remaining affordable helps us achieve this goal.
To a child, the world is unmanageable- it is too big, too complex, and too confusing. With careful selection of materials by the trained and certified Directors, an environment is set up that allows our children to explore life at a level they can understand. Materials or exercises are designed to stimulate independent exploration. This prepared environment entices the child to proceed at his/her own pace from simple activities to more complex ones. Through this process their natural curiosity is satisfied and they begin to experience the joy of discovering the world around them. The children develop a sense of pride in their “work”, and a feeling of confidence, joy, and well-being, begins to manifest itself in the child.

The Montessori Director is trained to carefully plan the environment in the interests and ability of the children, and, help the children progress from one activity to the next. They are trained to observe and work with each child individually, allowing the child to choose from many activities within their range of ability, and use these observations to choose “work” or activities that continuously change as their abilities grow and develop.  

Quality Toddler & Preschool Education Since 1989
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The Montessori Schoolhouse does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, or religious affiliation in admission policies, administration of our educational policies, scholarship programs, or any other school programs.
Decades of worldwide success prove that Montessori teaching methods help children develop educational habits that last a lifetime. Based upon those teaching methods and observations, our philosophy is… 

First, we believe that all children are unique and should be helped to develop at their own pace, to their fullest potential, in a noncompetitive atmosphere. Second, we feel that the early years are the single most important period in the development of a person’s intelligence. A child’s mind from birth to age five is extremely absorbent and should be properly nourished and stimulated. Finally, we have observed that Montessori children learn for the joy of learning. Through this foundation they grow to be confident, competent learners for life.

The Montessori classroom is a prepared environment where children learn the joy in discovering the world around them. The child is free to proceed, with guidance, at his/her own pace - from simple activities to more complex ones. In this individualized setting, children work at distinctly different paces and skill levels. As parents and educators, we believe in our children’s innate desire to learn. Our aim is to help children build the foundations for a lifetime of creative learning. Our motto is “When learning starts as fun, it stays fun!”
After small presentations of the materials, this “work” is placed around the classroom and they work independently with the materials. The classrooms contain child-sized furniture, and everything is placed at their level. 
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